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Meet one of our crown jewels: Jewel Marshall

marshall_jewelThis year, we’re spotlighting employees who have been with our bank for 20 years or more. Each one has played an important role in our company’s success, and we would like to honor them by telling you a little more about them and how they have helped not only our company but the countless companies we’re proud to call clients.

Our spotlight is currently shining on Jewel Marshall who just celebrated her 23rd year with Grandpoint Bank and its predecessor banks!

Jewel started as a temp, processing wholesale and retail loans. After she impressed her managers, she was hired on full time. Over the years, she worked her way up to Assistant Vice President and Client Service Officer.

“I really enjoy banking,” she says. “It’s not at all monotonous, because you get involved with the banking side, the operations and many types of client interaction.”

Jewel credits her coworkers and the Grandpoint clients for motivating her to work with the same team for so long. “They really made me want to stay here and do the best job I can do,” she said.

She’s seen many banking newbies come through the door over her 23 years, and she says her best advice to them is you have to earn anything you do, no matter where you are. Don’t just “plug-and-chug,” she says, but take ownership and make it yours.

She found her own success by taking pride in what she does and not only wanting to be successful herself, but wanting it for the bank as well.

Jewel espouses the same philosophy when it comes to her customers’ success.  She also makes a point of knowing them personally.

“We know all our customers and call them by their first names,” she said. “In many cases, I’ve seen their children grow and get married and start their own families.”

Jewel’s affinity for having a schedule and being part of a team means that she’s not considering retiring anytime soon. When that day eventually comes, she says that what she’ll miss most are the long-term friendships she’s created with coworkers and clients over the years.

When asked about her favorite work memories, Jewel says those are office celebrations where she gets to interact with people from departments throughout the bank for birthday parties, anniversaries and even baby showers. She also has fond memories of customer receptions where she’s had a chance to connect and reconnect with many of the people she’s helped over the years.

A self-described “people person” with a welcoming personality, Jewel’s mother used to describe her “as someone who would talk to a wall if she thought it would talk back to her.”

Outside of work, Jewel is likely to spend her time drawing, painting, jigsaw puzzling or traveling. “I’m such a content person that I even sometimes travel alone,” she said.

Knowing Jewel’s warm personality and friendly nature, we have a feeling that she finds new friends wherever she goes. Congratulations to 23 years with our bank, Jewell, and we look forward to many more.



Jay Narayan Helped Our Clients Take Flight

narayan_jayEvery company that has been lucky and successful enough to achieve some longevity is truly powered not by its logo, not by its advertising and not by its products, but by its people.

When our Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager Jay Narayan announced his retirement after 20 years with our bank (and one of our predecessor banks), we wanted to make sure to honor the great work he did for us and for our clients. This line of thinking brought us to the realization that we have three other Grandpoint Team members who have been with us for 20 years or more as well. Each one has played an important role in our company’s success.

Over the next few months, we plan to spotlight all of them on our blog. But before we shine the light on Jan, Aida and Jewel, we want to celebrate Jay by sharing with you some of the wonderful stories from his Grandpoint career that illustrate just how far he has been willing to go for our clients and friends.

For starters, Jay is no stranger to LAX, but not just for obvious reasons. While he may enjoy traveling from time to time, he unexpectedly found himself at the airport more than once to help people. When a previous bank board member realized he had arrived at the airport for a flight without his wallet, Jay drove to LAX to make sure he could board the flight. So impressed by Jay’s above-and-beyond service, the director soon referred several clients to Jay.

Jay found himself back at the airport when one of his clients ran out of time to sign loan documents before an international flight. Rather than see his client risk or delay the loan, Jay stood in airport lines with him to get all the loan documents signed, page by page. By the time Jay’s client was presenting his passport, the loan was ready to process.

Jay had no qualms about meeting his clients at the airport, at their homes or on national holidays to get their loans delivered quickly and efficiently.

Jay spent his 40-year banking career in Los Angeles, mostly between downtown, Brentwood and Beverly Hills. When asked what he’ll miss most after he retires, Jay says, “my clients, my clients and my clients,” adding that many have become like family to him.

For those just starting a banking career, or any career, Jay advises them to work hard, to really dedicate themselves to serving clients, to take pride in everything they do and to make sure they love their job. We think this philosophy worked out pretty well for Jay, very well for Grandpoint Bank and exceptionally well for Jay’s clients.

Jay, your work has made such a difference in so many lives and the success of so many businesses, including ours. Thank you, and we’ll miss you. Happy retirement!



Grandpoint Bank Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

5thFive years ago this month, Grandpoint Bank first opened its doors in Los Angeles. With just $97 million in assets at the end of that first year, Grandpoint has grown into a nearly $3 billion bank with 14 banking offices in three states… in just five years. We are grateful for the outstanding community banks that became part of the Grandpoint family during that period, for the talent and time our entire team continues to invest in our success and, of course, for our wonderful clients.

Through our community bank divisions — Bank of Tucson, Regents Bank, and The Biltmore Bank of Arizona – our roots run deep in the communities we serve. And many of our client relationships date back decades, the result of the close collaborations cultivated by the talented and experienced bankers who have become part of the Grandpoint team.

We began our initial acquisition phase in 2010, combining the resources and talents of select community banks, each with a well-earned reputation for taking great care of clients. We completed the subsequent consolidation phase in 2014, having incorporated 11 financial institutions into Grandpoint Bank. Today, our size and capital strength enable us to offer our clients the advantages of higher lending limits and the benefits of expanded capabilities, while working with the same familiar bankers they have come to know and trust through the years.

Our story has been much like those of our clients – building a business from the ground up. Because we know what it takes to launch and run a business successfully, we go above and beyond to make things work well for our clients.

We are now focused on our continued growth, building on our strong financial performance and helping our clients build their businesses. We are proud of the institution we’ve created, the progress we’ve made and the value we’ve brought to our clients.Thank you to everyone who has helped Grandpoint Bank reach our fifth anniversary.


Meet the South Bay Office

When Grandpoint Bank opened a new office in the South Bay region of Los Angeles In December 2010, the only thing really “new” was the space itself.

“This was like coming home for us,” explains EVP and Regional Banking Manager John Nixon, a seasoned commercial banker who was hired in 2010 to establish Grandpoint’s presence in the South Bay region, an area in which he has spent much of his career. “This was where Don [Griffith, Grandpoint CEO] and Debbie [Marsten, Grandpoint COO] spent many years in the banking business. It’s a market we know extremely well. So it was a natural fit.”

The South Bay office also reunited a banking team that has known each other for decades. Some, like Ed Myska and Mari Peters, have worked in the South Bay as colleagues for more than 20 years. Many, including Marcella Lopez, Tiffany Clyne, Didie Kairin, Gaby Inninger and Carol Solis, worked together at a Manhattan Beach-based bank previously run by Don and Debbie, and others have crossed paths at local banks throughout their careers. “There’s a lot of history here,” says John. “We work well together because of that familiarity.”

That continuity and camaraderie pays off in satisfied clients who have helped grow the office to more than $110 million in combined loans and deposits since the doors opened. “Ultimately, it all comes down to people and the attention you pay to your clients,” says John. “Our relationship managers – Ed, Mari, Tiffany, and Lyn Caron – have incredibly loyal clients for good reason.  And our operations team is so seasoned, they make sure everyone is well cared for.” Since the office has its own underwriting staff, loans are reviewed quickly and with an understanding built on first-hand market knowledge.

The region has a unique industry mix, well suited to benefit from Grandpoint’s business banking expertise. “On the one hand, you’ve got technology companies, real estate interests and a lot of professional’s right here, and then some gritty industrial businesses not too far away.” The office serves the coastal communities of El Segundo, Marina del Rey, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and Gardena. “But,” John stresses, “We’ll go wherever the clients need us.”


Who is Grandpoint Bank?

Grandpoint Bank’s story began in late 2008 when a group of entrepreneurial Southern California bankers joined together to create a new bank. At a time when many banks were facing constraints in the midst of a sluggish economy, the founders of Grandpoint Bank saw the opportunity to put their experience and capital to work by helping creditworthy businesses and their owners, entrepreneurs and professionals grow and prosper. To finance the new enterprise, Grandpoint Capital, Inc., a bank holding company, was created and successfully raised $338 million in committed capital, demonstrating the confidence of investors in the Bank’s leadership team and vision.

Grandpoint Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of Grandpoint Capital, was launched in June 2010 when Grandpoint Capital acquired Santa Ana Business Bank, with an initial capital investment of $75 million, and converted it to Grandpoint Bank. Grandpoint Bank entered the market with a clean balance sheet and substantial capital.

Over the course of the past two years, we have built the bank through internal growth and mergers with other well-managed community banks that shared our business banking focus and consultative approach to client relationships. Our acquisitions include First Commerce Bank, with offices in the San Fernando Valley and West Los Angeles; and Orange Community Bank, with offices in Orange County. At June 30, 2012, Grandpoint Bank had total assets of $857 million with seven banking offices and one loan production office. Our capital strength remains rock solid with a Total Risk-Based Capital Ratio of 15.4 percent, far exceeding the level considered “well capitalized” by bank regulators.

Grandpoint Bank is part of a larger family of banks that includes Grandpoint Capital subsidiaries Regents Bank, with four offices in San Diego County and one in Vancouver, Wash., and Bank of Tucson, which operates two offices in Tucson, Ariz.


Welcome to the Grandpoint Bank Blog!

It is for you, our valued client, that Grandpoint Bank has entered into the world of Social Media. The Internet and technology continue to evolve into a two-way communication tool, and Grandpoint has now entered into the conversation.

Not very long ago having a website was all a company needed. Websites still remain essential and indispensable as repositories of information and providers of account access and transaction capabilities. Rest assured our commitment to providing you with an informative, fully functional and secure website will always remain a top priority for us.

But the Internet has rapidly transformed from a monologue to a dialogue. Many of our clients are very active in social media and wish to learn more about us and our people through this blog, as well as communicate with us through our Facebookscreen-shot-2016-09-13-at-11-07-51-am page.

If you love social media you’re going to love watching Grandpoint Bank develop its new tools and interacting with us. If you’re not yet a social media fan, that’s not a problem. You’ll still be able to pick up your phone and call us, e-mail us or walk in our office and see us. Every customer matters to us at Grandpoint, and we’ll communicate with you in the manner which you prefer.

Thank you for visiting our blog for the first time. Click on the orange button at the top left hand side of the blog and you’ll be updated whenever we post new material. You’ll learn more about Grandpoint, but we’ll also be offering you some interesting and useful information which will be geared toward helping you grow your business. Because when it comes right down to it, that’s what really matters.


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