Building a packaging industry leader around an out-of-the-box idea


Working in banking provides a unique opportunity to learn about many, diverse businesses that help power regional and even national economies. Our client U.S. Merchants Financial Group and Diversified Repackaging (USM), which operates from a corporate office located in Beverly Hills, Calif., and five manufacturing, packaging and distribution facilities throughout North America, is a great example.

USM creates something almost everyone has seen but which most of us take for granted since it has become such a ubiquitous part of the warehouse club and “big box” shopping experience. Think Costco®, Sam’s Club®, B.J.’s® Wholesale Clubs, Walmart® and Target®.

USM pioneered and patented the Pallet Program system in which popular consumer products are packaged and presented for sale on stacked pallets. The store simply removes the exterior wrap, and the product is ready to be merchandised. Beyond the ingenuity of creating this streamlined packaging model, USM’s success was forged in part because the company offers customers a turnkey solution that includes everything from package and graphic design to manufacturing and distribution. This enables them to offer clients a consistently superior level of quality and service, and to remove the worry of managing a multi-company supply chain. Over the years, the company has built strong relationships with retail buyers and executives, who rely upon USM owners Jeff and Marie Green not only for services, but also for advice about nearly every aspect of retailing, packaging and distribution. The Greens also consider manufacturers and warehouse club members as important stakeholders in the success of their business.

In addition to its Pallet Program, the company also manufactures a popular line of plastic consumer storage containers under the Greenmade™ brand name that are sold at major retailers across the United States.

When Jeff and Marie founded USM in 1983, they built the business upon strong customer relationships and exacting standards of quality and integrity. It’s an approach shared by Grandpoint Bank and Jocelyn Pastore, Regional President, who oversees the bank’s Los Angeles region.

The Greens began banking with Grandpoint in 2010. Grandpoint has provided financing for the Greens and their business ever since. The flexible financing offered by Jocelyn and the Grandpoint team has helped the Greens advance their personal and business goals and propagate the “Jeff Green Standard” — a high standard of design, manufacturing and delivery of products to USM’s retail customers. Facilities are immaculate, with meticulous attention to quality and detail that fuels a thriving and expanding operation. The Greens apply this high standard to all that they do, including the management of their personal and business real estate assets.

As successful, self-made business owners, Jeff and Marie are committed to their employees. When it was time to expand their Ontario, Calif. operations, they chose to remain in the community in order to retain the employees who work at that location. In late 2015, Grandpoint provided the financing for the plant expansion at USM’s Ontario location, helping them to add to their 270,000 square-foot operations by purchasing a second, 182,000-square-foot building.

We’re proud to work with the Greens and so many other local business people who are providing products, resources and employment opportunities to our communities.



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