Aida Baboudjian Celebrates 30 Years with Grandpoint

baboudjian_aidaWe have quite a milestone to celebrate this month. Grandpoint Bank relationship manager and vice president Aida Baboudjian is celebrating her 30-year anniversary with us!

She is a motivated and dedicated professional who believes in pushing herself to be the best commercial lender and information source for her clients. She always demonstrates great respect for her clients and co-workers.

Her first interview, in 1986 with our predecessor bank, Gilmore Bank, lasted about 45 minutes, with 40 of those minutes spent discussing Armenian food. There was obviously an immediate connection, and she has proven to be part of our recipe for success over the span of three decades.

Interacting with a diverse array of clients and co-workers is something Aida cites as a driving factor for why she has remained with our bank for 30 years, since joining as a credit checker. Originally from Armenia, she has put her tri-lingual skills to work (she also speaks Russian), especially with the Russian business community near our office on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles’ Mid-Wilshire community, where Aida works.

With the iconic Farmers Market nearby, Aida also works with an array of shop and restaurant owners from the market. “I love the cultural diversity that surrounds me,” says Aida. “My clients and coworkers have come from so many different places.”

Aida originally came to the U.S. after meeting her husband while attending State Engineering University of Armenia, where she earned a master’s degree in Engineering.

She thought her first job state-side would be in computer programming, which she studied at the Computer Learning Center in Los Angeles. A friend turned her onto a job opening at a bank instead. The rest is history, and Aida says, “I never looked back.”

The secret to finding a place you are content to work for 30 years? Aida feels like she’s an important part of the Grandpoint organization and that has made a tremendous difference to her.

“My boss and the management team here really care about me and trust me,” she said. “I always feel comfortable approaching anyone at our bank with my questions and ideas.”

She also appreciates the challenges she’s able to tackle for her clients. “Sometimes the challenge helps you to focus and get things done,” she said.

Happy 30th anniversary, Aida!



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