Meet one of our crown jewels: Jewel Marshall

marshall_jewelThis year, we’re spotlighting employees who have been with our bank for 20 years or more. Each one has played an important role in our company’s success, and we would like to honor them by telling you a little more about them and how they have helped not only our company but the countless companies we’re proud to call clients.

Our spotlight is currently shining on Jewel Marshall who just celebrated her 23rd year with Grandpoint Bank and its predecessor banks!

Jewel started as a temp, processing wholesale and retail loans. After she impressed her managers, she was hired on full time. Over the years, she worked her way up to Assistant Vice President and Client Service Officer.

“I really enjoy banking,” she says. “It’s not at all monotonous, because you get involved with the banking side, the operations and many types of client interaction.”

Jewel credits her coworkers and the Grandpoint clients for motivating her to work with the same team for so long. “They really made me want to stay here and do the best job I can do,” she said.

She’s seen many banking newbies come through the door over her 23 years, and she says her best advice to them is you have to earn anything you do, no matter where you are. Don’t just “plug-and-chug,” she says, but take ownership and make it yours.

She found her own success by taking pride in what she does and not only wanting to be successful herself, but wanting it for the bank as well.

Jewel espouses the same philosophy when it comes to her customers’ success.  She also makes a point of knowing them personally.

“We know all our customers and call them by their first names,” she said. “In many cases, I’ve seen their children grow and get married and start their own families.”

Jewel’s affinity for having a schedule and being part of a team means that she’s not considering retiring anytime soon. When that day eventually comes, she says that what she’ll miss most are the long-term friendships she’s created with coworkers and clients over the years.

When asked about her favorite work memories, Jewel says those are office celebrations where she gets to interact with people from departments throughout the bank for birthday parties, anniversaries and even baby showers. She also has fond memories of customer receptions where she’s had a chance to connect and reconnect with many of the people she’s helped over the years.

A self-described “people person” with a welcoming personality, Jewel’s mother used to describe her “as someone who would talk to a wall if she thought it would talk back to her.”

Outside of work, Jewel is likely to spend her time drawing, painting, jigsaw puzzling or traveling. “I’m such a content person that I even sometimes travel alone,” she said.

Knowing Jewel’s warm personality and friendly nature, we have a feeling that she finds new friends wherever she goes. Congratulations to 23 years with our bank, Jewell, and we look forward to many more.



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