Jay Narayan Helped Our Clients Take Flight

narayan_jayEvery company that has been lucky and successful enough to achieve some longevity is truly powered not by its logo, not by its advertising and not by its products, but by its people.

When our Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager Jay Narayan announced his retirement after 20 years with our bank (and one of our predecessor banks), we wanted to make sure to honor the great work he did for us and for our clients. This line of thinking brought us to the realization that we have three other Grandpoint Team members who have been with us for 20 years or more as well. Each one has played an important role in our company’s success.

Over the next few months, we plan to spotlight all of them on our blog. But before we shine the light on Jan, Aida and Jewel, we want to celebrate Jay by sharing with you some of the wonderful stories from his Grandpoint career that illustrate just how far he has been willing to go for our clients and friends.

For starters, Jay is no stranger to LAX, but not just for obvious reasons. While he may enjoy traveling from time to time, he unexpectedly found himself at the airport more than once to help people. When a previous bank board member realized he had arrived at the airport for a flight without his wallet, Jay drove to LAX to make sure he could board the flight. So impressed by Jay’s above-and-beyond service, the director soon referred several clients to Jay.

Jay found himself back at the airport when one of his clients ran out of time to sign loan documents before an international flight. Rather than see his client risk or delay the loan, Jay stood in airport lines with him to get all the loan documents signed, page by page. By the time Jay’s client was presenting his passport, the loan was ready to process.

Jay had no qualms about meeting his clients at the airport, at their homes or on national holidays to get their loans delivered quickly and efficiently.

Jay spent his 40-year banking career in Los Angeles, mostly between downtown, Brentwood and Beverly Hills. When asked what he’ll miss most after he retires, Jay says, “my clients, my clients and my clients,” adding that many have become like family to him.

For those just starting a banking career, or any career, Jay advises them to work hard, to really dedicate themselves to serving clients, to take pride in everything they do and to make sure they love their job. We think this philosophy worked out pretty well for Jay, very well for Grandpoint Bank and exceptionally well for Jay’s clients.

Jay, your work has made such a difference in so many lives and the success of so many businesses, including ours. Thank you, and we’ll miss you. Happy retirement!



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